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N3OX Three Meter Flex Vertical - A simple short, loaded vertical with high performance that tunes continuously across a band.

Computer Controllable Band Switch - A stepper driven matching network switch with some brains.

Rotatable Variable Termination Flag - Small lot? You can still hear DX on 160m and 80m.

20m/17m Moxon Rectangle - Add 17m to your 20m Moxon with a few components

The Big One - A base-matched telescoping vertical for 160m-30m

"Stealth" Multiband Vertical - A base-matched telescoping vertical for 80m-20m

50MHz Moxon Rectangle - A small, light 6m beam.

Servo Control Circuit - Used to remote control a lightly modded commercial antenna tuner.

Small Receiving Loop for 80m/160m - Deep nulls give noise reduction - a simple small receiving loop.

An Antenna Mast Idea - How I get VHF/UHF antennas above my overhanging balcony roof.

Meter & Low Power Tune Box for FT-857 - Output a 20W CW carrier for adjusting a tuner and get analog meter display.

Other Antenna Things - Including a Lego® wire spooler for preparing magnet wire launches.

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